FRSL Sponsorship and Advertising Guidelines


The FRSL is a not-for-profit organisation and would like to provide the opportunity for greater community involvement, including sponsorship to cover some of the costs for running the league. For this reason, the FRSL wishes to offer some sponsorship and advertising opportunities to members of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia.


 Anyone wishing to sponsor any aspect of the day-to-day running of the league is encouraged to contact the FRSL Committee via email at or may enquire in person on any given match day during the season.

Decisions regarding sponsorship or advertising will be dealt with by the FRSL Committee and is expected to include agreement of terms with the relevant parties (which will be set and agreed upon by both parties).


The FRSL will recognise any sponsors on Carnival Day unless requested not to by individual sponsors. Shirt sponsorship will include the option to apply advertising to the purchased shirts that will remain in place for the life of the agreement with that sponsor. Any other sponsorship options will include the opportunity to advertise via signage and/or on the FRSL website. Alternatives to this may be negotiated with the committee.

Shirt sponsorship1st year2nd year3rd year
1 team$1000$500$250
Additional team$800$400$200
Little League shirts$500
Alternativesponsorship options
AmountWhat you get (3 years unless otherwise specified)
$150Hire of bouncy castle for 1 Saturday with hiree signage for advertising.
$2,500Consumables (line-marking paint)
$4,000Season field hire
$5,000Carnival day rides
$5,000Carnival day marquees for non-profits
$5,000Carnival kiosk marquee and equipment hire
$5,000First aid for 1 season
$6,000Equipment costs (soccer balls, nets, pumps, etc)