The FRSL Committee manages the interests of the Free Reformed Soccer League as a whole. It is involved in making wide-ranging decisions concerning the direction of the league, its assets and the day-to-day issues the league faces. Below is a current list of the FRSL Committee members and their associated roles. For contact with any of these members, please email us at [email protected] or use the form here.

Executive Committee

President : Tom Amoraal

Vice President/Treasurer : Brad Versluis

Secretary : Cheryl Brown

General Member: Renae Terpstra

General Member: Dave Lewis

Game Day Committee

Men's Coordinator : Martijn Muis

Ladies Coordinator : Lorette Eikelboom

Junior/Senior Coordinator : James Versluis

Little League (Nano, Mini, Micro) : 

Referee Coordinator : Brad Versluis

Property Manager/Ground Manager : Dave Lewis

General Member: Jaydon Heerema

Special Events Committee

Cheryl Versluis, Brad Versluis, Tom Amoraal, Renae Terpstra, James Versluis

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