Netball update

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Dear Netballers,

It wonderful to have so many people interested in playing netball again.  Many, many years ago when the FRSL was playing at the Armadale Senior High School we had netball played under the FRSL banner.  This year I (Cheryl Versluis) will be representing netball within the committee and am doing the behind the scenes organisation.  However, we are very thank to have Coral de Snoo volunteer to run the netball on Saturdays.  Thank you Coral, we look forward to getting to know you this year. 


I apologise in not sending this email out sooner, but its been especially hectic for myself this year.  We have also been searching for more senior players to make four teams, however this was not the case.  This means that for the 2018 season we have 3 senior teams and 4 junior teams.  The teams have been emailed out through the committee email. If you missed out on the email and need a copy of the teams, please email the committee who can forward it to you.

Senior teams please determine who will be captain for your team and send this information through to the committee so it can be assigned to your team on the website.


As with all junior divisions within the FRSL we will be requesting coaches.  On Saturday’s the coach will assist Coral in running training sessions with all the junior girls.  The coach will also be responsible for positioning the girls on the court and to assist with scoring, time keeping and providing positive encouragement to the players.  If you think you are willing to do this for your daughter’s team contact the committee.  Thank you 😊


We are very blessed to have found many suitable women willing to umpire the senior division – thank you Tamala Bosveld, Charlene Geurts, Claudine DeJonge, Coral de Snoo, Melissa Bosveld and myself.  We also have two substitute/emergency umpires in Michelle Versluis and Keira Hordyk.  However, we are in need for women and senior division players who are willing to umpire the junior division.  At present we have Claudine DeJonge, Ebony DeJonge, Coral de Snoo (every week) and myself.  However, Claudine and myself will only be available for the junior games when we umpire the senior division.  As there are two games occurring at the same time, we are in need of four umpires every week.  If you are willing to learn and have a go please contact the committee. 


The schedule is being put online as we speak.  Please check the website next week for the schedule.  Senior division games will start at 12.05pm, however as common courtesy we ask all senior division players to be present by 12 so that they can determine positions on court. Senior division quarters will be 13 minutes with 2 minute intervals between quarters.  Junior division is scheduled differently: 1.30 – 1.50pm Training and 1.50 – 2.30pm Game Time.  Junior division quarters will be 10 minutes with 2 minute intervals between quarters.

Looking forward to an amazing season and hopefully the first on many 😊

Cheryl Versluis
FRSL Secretary