The following points are guideline and suggestions on how to umpire a little league game:

All equipment (ball, whistle and timer) is to be sourced from the equipment store room located near the netball courts. Ensure the ball is pumped up and hard. On completion of the game, the equipment is to be returned to the storeroom.

Helpful Tips and Tricks:

  • Follow rules and regulations as they match the skill levels and needs of young people.
  • Compliment and encourage all participants.
  • Be consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions.
  • Condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for all opponents.
  • Emphasise the spirit of the game rather than the errors.
  • Be a good sport yourself. Actions speak louder then words. Remember, you set an example. Your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.
  • Place the safety and welfare of the participants about all else.
  • Give all people a "fair go" regardless of their gender and ability and cultural background.