Fair Play Award

Fair play award


Teams are judged on the following criteria for every game:

  1. Yellow and red cards: If no cards are shown the score will be 10. Every yellow card will deduct this total by 1. A red card will cost a team 3 points in the ranking. If the red card is the result of a second yellow card the deductions of the second yellow card will be ignored. But if a player gets a direct red card after he got a yellow card earlier, the yellow card will be counted as a deduction. This score could become negative.
  2. Respect to the opponent: e.g. returning the ball to the opponent at a throw-in, helping an injured opponent: maximum 5 points, minimum 1 point.
  3. Respect to the referee: maximum 5 points, minimum 1 point.

The referee, together with the assistant referees (if possible), rate both teams on a scale of 1-5 for criteria 2 and 3 directly after the game.

The number of points for each criteria will be added together and divided by 2. This score (between 0 and 10) will be averaged with the score of this team from every other round.

The scores are collected by the referee coordinator who passes it on to the relevant leagues coordinator. Rankings will be published on the website at regular intervals.