Fair Play Award

Fair play award


Teams are judged on the following criteria for every game:

  1. Cards
    1. Maximum of 5 points. Any cards will have points deducted. 1 point for a yellow card and 2 points for a red card.
  2. Fair play
    1. Maximum of 5 points. Teams will be allocated a score out of 5 according to the referee's discernment of 'fair play'. Criteria for this include:
      1. Respect for referee - backchat and comments.
      2. Respect for opponents - unnecessarily dangerous tackles, tactical fouls.

The referee, together with the assistant referees (if possible), rate both teams on a scale of 1-5 for criteria 2 directly after the game.

The number of points will be added to each teams overall tally which will be displayed on the website.