Team Duties

The FRSL is a not for profit, volunteer organisation and therefore require volunteers to help the league run. Whilst being a match official as a lines(wo)man or referee can feel intimidating, we strongly encourage all players to have a go. As it is, we require each time to provide players who are able to run the lines for a younger division or to provide players who can referee games for very young players. (Don't worry! They're more scared of you than you are of them!)

Below are links for the duty rosters for Season 2017. Please look closely for when your team is required to provide people to line or referee games. Please double check both how many players are required and for which time(s).

The duty rosters are split according to the divisions that are required from:

Senior/Junior Boy's Divisions

Girl's Division

Ladies Division

Men's Division

If you have any queries about the tasks you are required to perform, please get in touch with your relevant coordinator, or send the committee an email.